Friday, January 18, 2013

Martin Luther King, Jr. Unit

This week, we did a unit on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I have always been fascinated with MLK.  I love that he stood up for what he believed in and never backed down... all while doing it peacefully!  It took a strong person to be able to take on our country and try to change the way people treated and segregated the African American community at that time.  I appreciate what he did and thankful God sent him here to help make the world a better place!!


I downloaded this unit study off of the Teachers Pay Teachers website- it came with a printable book that was wonderful- it made it easy for both my seven and three year old to understand who he was and what was going on during this time in history!  I highly recommend it for younger kids!!  CLICK HERE FOR UNIT STUDY

The unit study also included this cute MLK color, write and cut!  L wrote, "Peace, Equality, Freedom."

Here are a couple other resources we used

Here L is watching MLK's most famous, "I have a Dream" speech

Here are the three additional books we read throughout the week

I also downloaded from the Teachers Pay Teachers website, a MLK paper bag template- the boys had fun coloring and glueing them on their bags :-)  CLICK HERE FOR PAPER BAG TEMPLATE

I feel that both boys learned a lot about MLK this week and also have a better understanding of what life was like over 50 years ago.


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    I found your blog through the Weekend Blog Hip! Oh, I wish I had found this post sooner....I would have loved to have it as a guest post on my blog...well, I'm really glad your boys learned something about MLK!! Have a GREAT week!! :)


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