Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cold Fall Day

We started our Saturday, freezing our tushes off at L's soccer game at 8am.  It was 37 degrees out with a "feels like" temp of 33- my toes were sooooo cold, it took forever for me to warm them up when we got home!  

We were so PROUD of L at his game, he scored his first goal ever!!  It was the best feeling to watch his excitement and see his face just light up.  He was on top of the world for the rest of the day.

After that, Hubby and the boys went outside to rake the leaves in the front yard- they had so much fun jumping in the pile of leaves!!  I was "updating" my hair, okay who am kidding... I was coloring my hair inside while they were doing it, so I ran out there quick and snapped a picture (before anyone could see me- haha)!! 

Later in the day I decided to run out and go shopping to get all the things that I have needed for the past month.  I have been on Weight Watchers since August and have lost nineteen pounds... so I have needed a new pair of jeans and such.  B wanted to come with me so bad and was super pumped when I told him he could come!  As soon as I pulled up to the store, I looked behind me and B had passed out!! 

He did so great while out shopping with me.  We went to three different store and ended with picking up dinner.  Not one single complain and he enjoyed his time with mommy :-)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Busy, Busy, Friday!!

Today was another busy day!  For us, Fridays are for finishing any schoolwork that we didn't get to throughout the week- plus Spanish, art and our science experiment.

For Spanish today, we talked about "mi casa."  So, after completing the lesson, L was to go outside and  draw a picture of our house.  He really liked doing this and spend a lot of time getting it  "just right" ;-)

After we completed L's schoolwork for the day, we took off to meet up with friends from our homeschool group at the roller skating rink!  Our local rink has homeschool days once a month and the boys just LOVE going and skating with their friends.

Taking a break from skating!!

Since both the boys are still learning how to skate, we rent a "skate mate"- it helps a ton!

When we got home, B still had science to finish.  We talked about different animal habitats and he had to figure out in his book which animal went with what habitat.  After that, we made an ocean habitat!!  B, who is three, really thought it was fun!

What we used: a clear bottle (we used an old vitamin bottle), water, oil, glitter, blue food coloring, shells, rocks and fish stickers.

Add it all together and hot glue the cap on (with moms help of course)

Voila!!  Our sea habitat!!  B wanted to put in a lot of blue food coloring, so it turned out pretty dark, but he was very excited about it.  It is very pretty when you shake it all up!

Why a Homeschooling Blog?

Well, frankly I have so much to share about our daily life as a homeschooling family!!  I love reading other HS family blogs to get ideas and to relate... I figured, I can share what we do and maybe help others who are homeschooling or thinking about homeschooling.

When we first decided to pull our son out of public school and try homeschooling, I was very nervous about how I was going to "socialize" him.  I quickly learned that there are so many groups, co-ops and activities to join, that it is hard to decided on what to do.

I consider ourselves a very active and social family.  During the week my first grader is involved with Lego League on Mondays, choir (and right now soccer practice) on Tuesdays, gym class on Wednesdays and field trips with our group one to two times a week.  So, I pretty much laugh at people who say homeschoolers are "unsocial."  Not true- period!  We are actually busier and more social now, then we have been since the kids were born.

We use Sonlight for our curriculum and absolutely love it!  We are currently using Core B (First Grade) and my son is so into history and science!!  We have been discussing archeology and today he wanted to go to the river to see if he could find and "discoveries" like we read about!  We did and he found one.
We did some research- Trilobite or Shell??

I can not wait to share more about our daily life as Happy Active Homeschoolers :-)