Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inexpensive Homeschool Portfolio Folder

Anyone who homeschools can agree, we all have a plethora of papers/projects/artwork that have taken over our schoolrooms and houses!!  I like to keep our schoolroom clean and organized- and it is for the most part... except for the piles of papers from past weeks that are all over the place!  

I REALLY wanted to buy each of the boys one of these from Lakeshore Learning:

But at $20 each, I can not justify it at this point in the school year.  I will wait until August when they have their big sale!!

So, while at Kroger the other day, I saw these guys on sale for around $3.00 each and grabbed one for each of the boys.

 They will do the trick, but not very personal and a little boring looking (because that is so important ;-)!  I decided to pull out my new friend, Mod Podge and make it look a little prettier!!!

I used scrapbook paper and traced out the letters

Mod Podge, baby!!
Lay out the letters AND... Mod Podge, baby!!!


Organization makes me SMILE :-)

They are super cute and will work for the rest of the school year!!


  1. I use a 3-ring-binder to store everything by date at the end of the day. Good thing there are lots of alternatives to $20 porfolios! :)


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